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Clients: The ideal subscriber will be someone who has a job or project that will last a few weeks or months. If you are a large company that needs the expertise of a recruiter please contact us for our other job recruitment services. You may view jobs but to submit or apply to them you will need to pay the subscription fee, which has a minimum of 3 months each. By using our portal you will be helping to provide a local MD-DC-VA place as well as others with a place to submit your jobs.

We will also plan to include some E-mail and print marketing as time and budget allows to help support you in letting hirers and candidates know about your job and project openings or your interest in their jobs. 

Management & Support:  We provide our business services to other small businesses and non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations including for-profit and non-profit consulting and volunteer programs through our consultancy and management services.


By subscribing you help preserve a place for jobs & projects. Costs $20/mth

You must register. You interview and hire all candidates.  All resumes come directly to you.

Buy and subscribe now and then post your job.